Russian Masters Spring Online Intensive

ONLINE, Russia
Application deadline: 29 Mar
This time the program is exclusively created by the RMB team and its main goal is to improve our students’ technique thanks to work with the best teachers. As well there will be some surprises and special classes, such as a nutrition workshop and more things to come! We strive to create new sources of motivation for young ballet students by bringing this new opportunity of training from home with the best quality.

Classical dance teachers: Svetlana Ivanova, Sofya Gumerova, Tatiana Cherkashina,
Anastasiya Sevastianova, Olga Pavlova, Dmitry Shevtsov
Character dance teacher: Polina Rassadina, Alexandra Lebedeva
Acting Teacher: Alexandr Omar, Iliya Osipov
Contemporary Teacher: Denis Untila

Maria Khoreva – First soloist at Mariinsky theatre
Anna Ol – Principal at Dutch National ballet
Ivan Zaytsev – Principal at Mikhailovsky theatre

Esther Schifmann – nutricionist