N&C PETTIT ROCHET, Cie Utilité Publique

Lausanne, Switzerland
Application deadline: 07 Oct
From the 14th to the 18th of October 2019 – N&C PETTIT ROCHET
Workshop for up-and-coming dancers and professionals
10:30am – 5pm
Studio2, Rue du Valentin 35, 1004 Lausanne
Tarif: 250.-chf / week

Enter into a liquid substance, become liquid. Let water penetrate inside the body where it will spread in a manner that is diffused. Soak, dive, float, sink, allow the impregnation and softening of the fibres to work. Let the substance enter the material of the body so that it gives it gestural, behavioural and organizational properties.

N&C PETTIT ROCHET, choreographers of Cie Utilité Publique and directors of the CIE MARCHEPIED (CH) open their research on the liquid body.

During the week, the exploration will focus on: breathing, coordinating gesture with the breath to build a movement that is organic, collective and musical. The relaxation of muscles, minimizing tension, muscle stress and creating liberty. The circulation of movement in the body, in time and in space. Momentum, the precise moment for the use of gravity and energy to create movements that are dynamic, rapid and impressive.