Greek Northern Ballet International Summer Intensive 2019

Thessaloniki, Greece
Application deadline: 31 May
The Greek Northern Ballet organizes 3-week International Summer Courses, July 1-July 26th, 2019.

The summer classes are ideal for those who want to develop as professional dancers, to be in an excellent physical condition, to be corrected and to develop as dancers in classical and modern dance and for those who want to make good preparation for the entrance exams at the Ministry of Culture, the Greek National Opera School and the National School of Dance (KSOT) so they have many chances of success.
This year's summer lesson program will focus on changing the level of participants, vertically improving their technique, their physical condition and improving their dancing skills. The level of the course will be Medium and Advanced ( there will be a separate group for beginners). The intensity and requirements will be high, so it requires very good physical condition from those involved. If someone is not in good physical shape, GNB will create pre-summer afternoon classes from 17th of June 28th of June in order to prepare those wishing to take part in the summer intensive classes to meet the required level.
This year's focus will be on professional preparation for dancers who want to audition and find work from the new season at operas, theaters and companies and to apprentice members who want to take part in international competitions abroad. For this reason, Greek Northern Ballet included in summer lessons, 15th -16th of July, a Master Class in classical and Pointe courses with Adeline Pastor, Principal dancer from Essen Theater Germany.
Ms. Adeline Pastor is a graduate of the Cuban Ballet Academy won a Silver Medal at the Varna competition at the age of 16 in 1998 with partner legendary Rolando Sarabia who won the Grand Prix in Varna that season.(more C.V. details bellow)

The program includes:

1)Ballet Class (Medium and Advanced Level) with personalized corrections per person by Bolshoi Ballet Academy Pedagogue-Balletmaster graduate Athanasios Routanidis. The exercises will focus on the correct posture and the learning of the starting point of all the movements in all the tours and the small, medium and large Allegro. The lessons will have a continuous flow, physical exercises for strength and focus on detail and clarity. There will be not only analysis and correction, but also practical execution in the toughest technical moves by Mr. Routanidis himself and personal help-support so that the student learns correctly and executes it with comfort and stability.

2) Stretching and Pilates.Chrysa Rutanidou, graduate of the internationally renowned Michael King Pilates Academy. The Pilates course will include warm-up and stretching exercises, and then increase the intensity and level of the trunk, buttocks, feet and soles while preserving and improving breathing in and breathing out , maintaining a dance flow between the exercises to create the sense of a flow and transfer from one situation to another.

3) Ballet repertoire of the ballet's Don Quihote, Gissele, La Bayadere, Le Corsair. (From corps to solo and pas de deux) .Training teaching and personal corrections per person.

4) Contemporary Contemporary will include warm-up warming and then learning difficult technical combinations. There will be small choreographies specially customized, with emphasis on expression and dancing and difficult technical moves, with a direction towards contemporary pieces for International competitions. In addition, we will work with improvisation with instructions that will help develop kinesiology, release and self-confidence. The lesson is taught by the graduate of the Higher Professional School of Dance of the Municipality of Thessaloniki, Kalliopi Christidou.

Master Class with Adeline Pastor

On 15 & 16 July (the 3rd week of summer lessons), the classical lesson and Pointe technique will be taught by Mrs. Adeline Pastor. She is a graduate of the National Ballet School of Alicia Alonso in Havana Cuba and Principal Dancer at the Aalto Essen Theater in Germany, and she has recently received her teaching certification. At the age of 16 he won the Silver Medal at the International Competition of Varna in 1998, with a partner of the internationally acclaimed Rolando Sarabia, who won the Grand Prix the same year.
It is one of the few seminars that bring such an internationally acclaimed personality to our country. This two-day seminar will have a special cost.
More C.V. information can be found below.


Adeline Pastor

Born in Nice, France, she started ballet at age 8 and received the original ballet training with Claudette Douillon. From 1990-1996 he won many First Prizes, special prizes and GRAND PRIX in competitions in France and Switzerland (Prix Carpeaux, Petrus d'or, Prix de la Ville de Biarritz, Prix d'exellence, etc.)

The "Dance Inspector and Choreographer" Pedro Consuegra singled out her who sent her to Alicia Alonso's National Ballet School in 1996. In 1997, Adeline received the "Technical and Art Award, Apocalyptic Award" at the International Ballet Contest in Cuba.

In 1998 he won the silver medal at the famous international ballet competition in Varna, Bulgaria, 1st prize and GRAND PRIX at the International Ballet Competition in La Havana (Cuba) and obtained a graduation diploma from the Alica Alonso National Ballet School, with a special distinction , first in her class with praise of congratulations for the good job.
In the same year she became a member of the Cuban National Ballet under the direction of Alicia Alonso.

She then danced with several dance groups including Ballet de Victor Ullate in Spain, and in 2000-2008 Adeline was hired as a soloist at the State Theater in Wiesbaden, where she played solo roles such as Kitri in Don Quixote, Sleeping Beauty, The Nutcracker ".

In 2008 Adeline became Principal Dancer at the Aalto Ballet Theater Essen where she played roles like Swanilda in "Coppélia", Effi in 'La Sylphide', Carmen / Bolero, Bride in 'Giselle' the Swan Lake and Edith Piaf where she has appeared as a dancer, singer and actor in "La Vie en Rose".

Among the guest appearances of the internationally renowned dancer are performances in Italy, Russia, Spain, Ukraine, Japan, South America and the United States.
In August 2010 he received the "Grand Prix Guiliana Penzi" during the Labat Danza Festival in the Italian Loano.

For several years, Adeline has offered several ballet seminars in several countries, including Italy, France, Germany, Norway, where she was also a member of the competition committee in Valdrès and recently in Portugal at Annarella Sânchez International Conservatory in Leiria.

Adeline is now a certified dance teacher and a certified dance therapist since she was awarded a diploma at the end of her studies on 6/6/2018.

At the end of the summer classes those who impress with their technical training, their dancing quality, their improvement, their behavior and their commitment and if they choose to continue the next season with GNB Professional training program , they will be allowed to take part in the 4th week of the Summer Intensive.
Upon completion of all three weeks, participants will receive a certificate of attending International Summer Courses with the hours, lessons and signatures of the teachers who gave them (only those who complete the full 3 weeks course will receive a certificate).
Note: Those attending only the Classical Seminar with Adeline Pastor will receive a certificate of attendance for this course separately.
There will be limited places. Once every place will be filled , we will stop accepting applications (if the places are filled by participants for the whole summer course then there will be no place for separate weeks) so apply as soon as possible and if you have a wish to complete the 4th week of the international summer intensive, and you know you wish to continue the training next year before the Summer Intensive include this request on your email Application, or inform us during the Summer Intensive.

July 1 - July 19, 2019


Pilates | 11: 00-12: 00
Ballet Class 12: 00-13: 30
Ballet Repeat / Pointe Tech 13:30 -15: 00
Break | 15: 00-15: 15
Contemporary dance 15: 15-16: 45
Ballet Class ( Beginner’s) 17: 00-18: 30

Hours: 5 hours and 45 minutes (daily)

Cost per week:

Ballet Class = 60 €
Classic & Repertory = 100 €
Contemporary = 50 €
Pilates = 40 €
All courses = 160 € / week (20 lessons, 27.5 hours).

3 Week Cost:
Total cost: 480 € (60 lessons, 82.5 hours)
By prepayment: until 31st of May 350 €, until 26th of June 390 €

Cost per course:
3 weeks Ballet Class 180 €,by prepaying until 31st of May 150 €
3 weeks Ballet Class + Repertory 300 €, by prepaying until May 31st 250 €
3 weeks contemporary 150 €, by prepaying until 31st of May 100 €
3 weeks Pilates 120 €, by prepaying until 31st of May 90 €.

To attend the seminar with Adeline Pastor (third week 15/07 / 19-16 / 07/19) there will be extra costs for anyone wishing to attend!
Only Ballet Class with Adeline Pastor (2 lessons, 3 hours) costs 250 €. By prepay until 25th of May 2019 Cost 200 €
Ballet Class and Pointe technique (4 lessons, 5 hours) costs 300 €. By prepaying until May 25th costs 250 € (applies to those who attend all 3 weeks of Summer Intensive).
Those who want to attend only the two-day workshop will cost 350 €. By prepaying until 25th of May 300 €.
We want to inform notice, that it is really important for the students in the city to participate in the master class , it’s a great experience and a historical event for Thessaloniki and Northern Greece to have such an International Star teaching and for some this experience could be once in a lifetime. Greek Northern Ballet always aims at the highest level for its ballet training and cooperates with Stars of International Level.

The 4th week
The 4th week of summer classes is a special week in which Mr. Routanidis will literally upgrade the level of the Medium-class students after there the experiences through the academic year 2018-2019 including the summer Intensive, in the fourth week will be allowed students to participate only those who deserve it after proving themselves with their progress, hard work , ethics and dedication in the few weeks of the summer intensive course, Plus they will have to be willing to declare that they would like to join the Professional academic training program of the 2019-2020 season with the GNB(before the summer intensive or during its time).

4th week of Summer Intensives

It will be a seminar that has not been similar to Thessaloniki and Northern Greece. In a week, Mr. Rustianidis will analyze the Russian school from the its very beginning of the previus century.
Major Masters, Principal dancers, artistic directors of Marinski and Bolshoi who have left their mark on the evolution of dance with their teaching will be a point of reference. Names such as Konstantin Sergeev, Principal dancer and later artistic director of Marinski (then called Kirov). The legendary ballerina of the early 20th century Nataliya Dudinskaya of Mariinsky. The great master teacher A.I.Pushkin's of classical dance who trained and created the brightest names of male dancers of the 20th century, Rudolf Nureyev and Michael Barysnikov. N. I. Tarasov, the man who, with his methodology, enriched the existing system of the Vaganova training method and established the education of the legendary Bolshoi Ballet Academy to create male dancers. Another great dance teacher, Peter Pestov, whose exceptional exercises grew up the most famous dancers and future artistic directors of our time, such as Vladimir Malakhov (he was the first dancer in the Vienna Opera and the American Ballet Theater and Artistic Director at the Berlin Opera House) Alexey Ratmansky (former Bolshoi artistic director, Balletmeter at the American Ballet Theater), Yuri Burlaka, former Artistic Director of Bolshoi, etc.
There will be an analysis of the technique of Russian ballet from the early 1900 to the present day and it will be concluded in uniting the technical approach with the passion and vision of the great dancers of the past that is rare nowadays.
Thessaloniki will become a dance center like Moscow and the Greek Northern Ballet will turn in to the Bolshoi of Greece in this year's summer lessons, only a few meters from your home or a few kilometers from your city.
Apply, work hard, win one of the few places for the 4th week and attend a seminar that is unique in the world and of course it is very rare to repeat itself in the short term because of the vast matter of things that will be analyzed in terms of technique, , the perception, the dancer's psychosis, the passion and the musicality.
In the 4th week everything makes sense in the life of dancers! After three difficult weeks of training and preparation, the very few select students who will be ready to attend this week of classes will learn how, beyond fatigue, effort and sweat, when dealing with art, you can only go ahead ... smooth, eager, tireless in spirit and soul, flying literally in the air !!!
Get ready, get ready for something that you may never have the chance to taste again. Athanasios Routanidis is the only graduate from the Bolshoi Ballet Academy in the history of Greece and now with the only recognized Higher Education degree in Greece.
In Greek Northern Ballet the future for the Greek Dancer is achievable ! Decide now and send your application until 25th of May when the first prepayment expires.

4th Week

The duration will be 12: 00-18: 00 in the afternoon

Will include

Advanced Stretching 12: 00-13: 00
Ballet Class: 13: 00-15: 00
Pointe Technique 15:00 to 16:00
16:00 to 17:00 - Repertory (Variation)
17:00 to 18:00 (Russian School Analysis)

The 4th week will consist of elective students. All the lessons will be taught by Mr. Routianidis Athanasios. The number of people will be limited so that he can do an individual work with each student, with practical correction. There will be an explanation-analysis of the use of the body's internal senses, and Mr. Routianidis with special exercises will try to pass all these senses, that the muscular system must have in order to be properly activated and the student starts to produce both a quality and quantity technical dance movements which he could not previously. The change of level will contribute to the perception of ballet in its essence as well as to the mentality and psychology of each student.

Weekly cost 150 €

Greek Northern Ballet
Ptolemaion 28, Thessaloniki
If you do not want to miss your seat you must register by May 25th and pay in advance by 31st May 2018.
→ Send your application with your details at (with photos in a dancing pose of at least two and if there is a video with a classic & modern variation, a brief reference to you or your resume so that we have one first idea for you and how we can help you evolve better in our summer lessons).

Tel. Contact: (+30) 6947 471 492