Contemporary Dance and Injury workshop

London, United Kingdom
Application deadline: 03 Jul
Professional dancers, dance students, ex dancers, dance teachers and movers are all WELCOME!

The purpose of this workshop is to give dancers education and tools to deal with minor injuries that may affect a dancer’s training, performance and career.
Nowadays, there is so much research and money put into injury prevention, but what about injury reduction?
As a matter of fact, dancers get injured all the time and most of their injuries are non-traumatic.

The workshop will start with Sabrina Gargano's contemporary dance class followed by the interactive injury talk. This session will focus on the knee joint and it will be divided in three parts:

- First part: a brief explanation of the body response to an injury and what is best to do in this short time frame in order to avoid for the injury to become chronic and debilitating.

- Second part: specific joint anatomy discussion with body painting. We will work together drawing on each other the anatomical body part discussed.

- Third part: focused on movement. Research suggests that movement is key in healing from a non-traumatic injury. We will learn how to move body parts respecting our body needs. I will also show few techniques that dancers can use to decrease tissue tension and pain.