CDN Contemporary Dance Network 3th Edition

Florence, Italy
Application deadline: 15 Dec
20/21/22 December 2019 at "Florence Dance Center" - via Borgo della Stella 23r -Florence - Italy
CDN Contemporary Dance Network has reached its third edition and is proposed as a container of events with the focus on contemporary dance. The mission is to create a complete experience by offering the students:
o Masterclass with Masters who can give them depth, technique, experience and a personal artistic vision to deal with
o theatre performance with Kinesis CDC, Kinesis CDC 2 The Youth Ensemble, Mystes Dance Company
(the ticket to attend the show is included in the price)
o Thematic insights into contemporary dance and its protagonists

Masterclass Masters
(intermediate and advanced level)

M° Eugenio Buratti - Dir Art. D.A.W. and guest lecturer at "Accademia Princess Grace" Montecarlo
M° Angelo Egarese - Dir Art. Kinesis CDC and Kinesis CDC 2 The Youth Ensemble (Choreographic workshop)
M° Anna Piovan - Dir. Art. "Compagnia RDM" and winner of the "Florence Dance Platform 2019".
M° Jon B Polo- Lecturer and freelance international choreographer

M° Marga Nativo - Dir Art. Florence Dance Festival and the Company "Flodance 2.0"
M° Elisabetta Hertel - Dir. Art. "Accademia Internazionale Coreutica" of Florence, former dancer of the "Stuttgart Ballet".

Insights and meetings
Silvia Poletti - Critic, journalist and teacher of dance history
It's a show:
"VISION" by Angelo Egarese, produced by Kinesis CDC with the support of the Region of Tuscany
Kinesis CDC 2 The Youth Ensemble
Mystes Dance Company
21 December 2019 at 21.00 Teatro dell'Affratellamento, via G. Orsini 73-Firenze

3 days 160€ including registration and ticket for the show 21 December
2 days 120€ including registration and ticket for the show 21 December
1 day 80€ including registration and ticket for the show 21 December

The internship is limited in number
For information and registration or 3463546341