6th D&D Masterclass in Japan

Osaka/ Tokyo, Japan
05 Aug
Application deadline: 15 Jul
MasterClass is a 5-day training program in classical dance for professional and serious ballet students aged 11-24. We offer the chance to work with some of the worlds’ best ballet teachers. This summer we invited David Makhateli (Artistic Director of D&D promotions, Grand Audition) Ernst Meisner(Dutch National Ballet Junior Company Coordinator, Dutch National Ballet Academy Director). We also create opportunities for young talented ballet dancers, such as the Grand Audition where dancers can audition to several reputable companies at once.in the past 6 students enrolled to the Munich National Ballet School, 6 of them genuine enrollment, Two students enrolled to the Netherlands National Ballet Academy. Also through masterclass and Grand Audition contract students received a contract from Panama National Ballet Company, the Finnish National Ballet Company Junior Company, the Malinsky Theater, and the Hong Kong Ballet.

For more info visit: https://ddballetjapan.jimdo.com/
Feel free to contact us in English: dd.ballet.japan [at] gmail.com


D&Dマスタークラスはオーディションやコンクールではなく講習会です。第六回となるマスタークラスでは、David Makhateli(元英国ロイヤルバレエ団プリンシパル、D&D、グランドオーディション主催者), Ernst Meisner(オランダ国立バレエ団ジュニアカンパニーコーディネーター、バレエアカデミー校長)を招待し大阪・東京の二都市で開催されます。