EBB JUNIOR BALLET Européen France Pau

PAU, France
Application deadline: 28 Jul
1. The EBB Association is a non-profit making organization orientated towards young dance artists between 14 and 24 years old that wish to acquire enough preparation and experience in order to be able take the leap to the start of a professional career.
2. In the process the EBB team will carry out the back up of the young dancers to be able to make the transition to a professional context. For some of the students this route will be fairly quick, depending on their progress and character.
3. In addition to the artistic and technical preparation, the members of the program will be advised on the planning and preparation for auditions, the preparation of CV’s and the choice of company or project to opt for, where they will obtain the best possible opportunities for professional development. They will have the opportunity the get to know the production processes of a choreographic production.
4. EBB Junior offers the opportunity to acquire the essential experience throughout the course at an intermediate level, before making the leap to a professional company. The relationship during the representations is not a working one, these being the ‘practicum’
SEASON 2021/2022
of their studies. The students are obliged to participate in these productions.
5. In some cases, it could be possible to propose the integration into the EBB Dance Company as apprenticeship.
6. The EBB team will always be available to deal with any enquiries or needs. Personal meetings are carried out periodically to orientate, listen to and support the student in a kind and friendly manner.
7. The directors of the program are Jean Philippe Dury & Anton Valdbauer. (CV attached).
8. Annually the students will participate in a program of an average of 15 experts, (teachers, choreographers, experts in ballet, contemporary dance, improvisation, theatre, composition, choreographyand production).
Distinct disciplines and techniques will be added according to the needs of the participants with the objective of responding to their needs.
9. The team of teachers and experts will be made up of EBB teachers / choreographers / associated experts and invited guests.

EBB SEASON 2021.2022

The standard course 12 Months Intensive Programme. exists also the possibility to choose a semesterly course (6 months)
Five hours of classes a day of class will be given from Monday to Friday. These will include training in classical dance, contemporary dance, choreography workshops, repertoire of different choreographies and of EBB, composition, theatre, workshops and specific creations for the students. The student will be given the plan each fortnight and the list of expert teachers invited. The

program has a duration of a minimum of 1 year and a maximum of 3 years.
4. The students must have private medical insurance, or European Health Card (European citizens).
5. The training given provide an official certificate of dance professional practice.
The students are obliged to comply with the code of behavior and attend the classes.
6. The stipulated holidays are August, Christmas and Easter, (the exact dates will be communicated to the students).
7. Extra rehearsals will also be organized according to the presentations of EBB/Junior and to the needs of the students, teachers and visiting choreographers.
8. The members of EBB training as well as EBB Junior should learn the repertoire according to the artistic directors.
9. The course includes the stages and workshops that are organized as well as the choreographies.The organization reserves the right to vary the content depending on the needs of the participants. This could include the organization of different groups or extending the timetable to optimize practical learning. In addition, the organization reserves the right in the case of conflict due to a lack of respect, unjustified absence and/or inadequate behavior, to expel a student who will not be able to claim a refund of the fees paid.
10. According to the age, training, progress and experience of a dancer, EBB reserves the right to prepare him/her for auditions. The students in training level I will not be able to participate in auditions

EBB Estudios: ebbdancecompanyfr@gmail.com