Choregraphy center of Christian CONTE and Martine CHAUMET

coutras, France
Application deadline: 30 Sep
The Choregraphy Center of Christian CONTE and Martine CHAUMET is holding an audition for all students and all levels at anytime of the year. It is a free audition.

This pre-professional school, next to Bordeaux in FRANCE, already have multiple success. Opened in 2000 Christian CONTE (ballet mister of Ballet du Rhin in France) and Martine CHAUMET (Ex Principal of London Festival Ballet) spend they life loving and teaching ballet.

To stay focus on each dancers individualy, we don't accept more than 12 students.
We are teaching Ballet and contemporary classes.

Right now, the school have 2 more sports available, so hurry up!

Please contact: Martine Chaumet for more informations: 0613096831

Please visit the website:
It is write in French, but please do not hesitate to contact us.

Hope to see you all soon.