One single audition for numerous prestigious dance companies, The 2020 Asia Dance Audition (ADA)

Seoul, South Korea
09 May
Application deadline: 31 Mar
The applications for the 2020 Asia Dance Audition (ADA) are now open!

Along with the previous 2019 ADA, the third ADA which is organized by Dance Planner corporate will be held in Seoul, South Korea, with a lineup of major dance companies from all around the world.
(Notice : The ADA will NOT be an annual audition starting from this year. It will be held every two years from now.)

The ADA is an audition made for the convenience of dancers who wish to get into the best prestigious dance companies from all around the world. The audition will be held for two days, with all of the artistic directors of the dance companies visiting Seoul, attending as juries for the audition, as well as looking for dancers to hire for their companies.
Dancers from all around the world will be able to apply and participate in this audition.
The lineup for this year’s participating companies will be updated on the ADA’s official website.

· Benefits:
-One audition for several global dance companies.
-Free of charge for application fees.
-No Drop-outs from class to variation stage.
-Giving you audition feedback from directors from each company.
-A chance to enter a group class given by the artistic director from each company.

· Audition Date: 9th - 10th of May, 2020 (Sat to Sun)
· Audition Place: The Grand Theater of the Sungshin Women's University Woonjeong-
Green Campus, Seoul, South Korea
· Application schedule: Now ~ 31st of Mar. 2020' 23:59 (KR time)