amsterdam, Netherlands
Application deadline: 01 Dec
It is time for something new within ENS. 4 years we happily worked with our D.I.D.A. program where guests from all over the world could show their work and we would share the stage with these makers and dancers covering all costs of the theaters.

We are stopping with that and starting something fresh. We think its time to give our own company dancers a special treat and challenge them to work with different makers. Instead of inviting them to show their works allowing them to work with our dancers.

Introducing RESID-ENS the new residence program of the Netherlands. Instead of allowing makers to only show their works as with D.I.D.A. We will now allow makers to work with the company dancers for a period and present the created work. makers happy and our dancers happy.
when, where, how long is it?
First 3 weeks of may 2020 multiple makers will be invited to work with the ENS company dancers. During these 3 weeks makers create a piece in full artistic freedom and will present set work in a small and large sized theater with full technical support.

During the residency ENS will provide extra support and coaching for the makers if they wish.

Residency will take place in and near Amsterdam, the Nederlands. Where ENS will provide makers with adequate work space. performances can be held in various places within the Netherlands.
what kind of programs are there?
There will be 3 levels of residencies to apply for.

- For short works.
- Maker will get 15 hours of rehearsal time over a short couple of days during the residency program.
- Maker will create a small 10 minute work.
- Maker works with 1 to max 4 dancers (provided by ens)
- Maker gets a budget of 200 euro for decor, costumes and other expenses.
- Maker will receive a salary of 500 euro.

- For longer works.
- Maker gets 30 hours to work with his dancers over the 2 weeks of residency.
- Making a strong work of +/-20 minutes.
- With a larger group of ENS dancers (by choice).
- Maker gets a budget of 500 euro for decor, costumes and other expenses
- Maker will receive a salary of 1000 euro.

- For a large show.
- Maker gets 60 hours to work with his dancers for the full residency
- Maker will create a large work of about 40 minutes
- Maker chooses his own dancers provided by ENS (max 15)
- Maker gets a budget of 700 euro for decor, costumes and other expenses
- Maker gets a salary of 2250 euro's.

Who can apply?
This residency is open for all sorts of dance makers that are:
Seasoned veterans in the field
Students looking for the experience
Emerging choreographers starting their carrier as a maker
others willing to create a work in a company setting
Applications are not limited to the Netherlands. International choreographers are welcome.
We intent to create a diverse group of makers at different levels and different backgrounds.

Are there costs?
Yes there are costs: ENS works as an independent company that strives to stand strong without external funding. This project will also be fully independent and that means that in order to at least cover the administrative and preparation costs we ask a small application fee for every level you may wish to apply.

Application costs:
Short work applications have a 35 euro application fee
Advanced work applications have a 55 euro application fee
Professional work applications have a 75 euro application fee

Payment can be made via:
Bank transfer (Dutch makers only)

How to apply:
Applications and it's fee must be complete before: 1 December 2019 12:00
Makers willing to apply will need to:
send an email to:
subject: RESIDENS 19/20 (Name)(level)
The email must include:
Artistic profile and relevant CV
link to previous works
for what level you wish to apply: (short, advanced or professional)
brief pitch (about 3 to 6 sentences about the work you are willing to create at resid-ens)
short motivation letter
After your application is finished and send you will receive a payment request for your application. Once that is provided you will receive an conformation and your application is complete.

Anyone that applied before 1 December 2019 12:00 will be taken into consideration. on 5 January 2020 a first selection will be made. A preliminary dialogue will be opened with the selected group to see who will fit best in the program after a final selection will be made on 1 February 2020.

applications without the application fee provided will not be taken into consideration.