Pau, France
Application deadline: 25 Sep
Created in 2016 in Madrid by Jean-Philippe DURY, former dancer soloist in Paris Opera Ballet, les Ballets de Monte Carlo, Les Grands Ballets Canadiens de Montreal, the EBB JUNIOR BALLET PROFESSIONAL, gives young dancers the possibility to work with several well known choreographers and to perform on stage several times per season.
The EBB not only strengthens their expertise through experience on stage, but also it facilitates their entry into the dance profession.
This year, with a new structure, EBB France completes its already existent structure, to help French and European dancers.

EBB has chosen the amazing and attractive city of Pau to enable and facilitate a new model more adapted and convenient for everyone.
Constant collaboration with renowned choreographers, together with exchanges abroad with organizations similar to ours , are regularly organized.
EBB Madrid and EBB France are closely linked . All internships, exchanges and performances are regularly organized by both.
The EBB JUNIOR is a pre-professional company led by our teachers and choreographers team. It is a center for artistic creation emergence that also gathers with contacts with the directors of international companies and which meets the requirements of our current dance sector.
Each year, many of these young dancers are offered professional contracts with major companies and well known international choreographers.
Over the years, the EBB has acquired and international reputation.

Every day, our team teachers will help you choose your professional career. The EBB is not a school, but a real company that prepares you as a professional dancer to face your future.
Jean Philippe- Dury, artistic director, international soloist in the ballet of the Opera of Paris and The Ballets of Monte- Carlo, will introduce you to a different technique that will also reconcile with the classique one.
Our artistic director for Contemporary Dance, Lola Eiffel, will lead you to discover the new languages of contemporary dance and she will prepare you for the most exigent requirements on European auditions.

The second lesson is a Contemporary Dance one with our guest teachers and choreographers, such as:

EBB season 2010-2021
Marco Goecke, Germany. Choreographer and Director of Hannover Ballet.
Anton Vaddabauer, Russia. Royal Swedish Ballet, NDT1.
Ana Novak, England. Wayne Mc Gregor´s assistant.
Jorge García Pérez, Spain. Ballet of Basel, Director and Choreographer of Carta Blanca Dance.
Luciana Croato, Argentine. Ex- soloist in Béjart Ballet.
Lucas Andrea Tessarini, Italy. International Choreographer, NDT1.
Dollie Henry, England. BOP JAZZ Company.
Eduardo Vallejo Pinto, Spain. Choreographer and Director Ogmia Company, Madrid.
Marie- Pierre Genovese, France. Choreographer and company artist in Instict, France.
Sharon Fridman, Israel. Director and Choreographer in Sharon Fridman Company, Madrid.
Nathanael Marie, France. Pontus Lidberg´s assistant.
Giovani Di Palma, Italy. International Choreographer, Marcho Goechke´s assistant.
Eduardo Torroja, Spain. Wim Vendekeybus´s assistant.
Wody Santana, Brazil. Ex- soloist in Ballet of Saint Paolo of Brazil, international Choreographer.