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Ian Poulis
  23 Jul 2017
  Ian Poulis: Just came back from Lincoln Center. A historic evening of dance with Balanchine's Jewels. Emeralds by Paris Opera Ballet, Rubies by New York City Ballet and Diamonds by the incredible Bolshoi Ballet.... view »
  22 Jul 2017
  Russian Masters Ballet Camp: *ONE MORE SPONSORSHIP IS GOING TO DELIGHT OUR STUDENTS - SODANCA, THANK YOU* We have one more collaboration with SODANCA - world brand of ballet clothes. They present two beautiful bags for clothes from new collection to Russian Masters Ballet students. https://www.instagra... view »
Circus Promoters Ltd
  21 Jul 2017
  Circus Promoters Ltd: Register at : view »
  21 Jul 2017
  Russian Masters Ballet Camp: *MORE PRESENTS FOR OUR STUDENTS - THANKS TO EL PETIT BALLET* We're happy to have new collaborator - EL PETIT BALLET ( - a family business dedicated to handmade decoration tutus for ballerinas. This shop presents our students 3 bags for tutus. view »
Jobs, Gigs & Auditions
  20 Jul 2017
  Entertainers Worldwide: Cruise Ship Jobs - regularly updated - looking for Dancers, Singers & Other Acts... view »
  20 Jul 2017
  mike loewenrosen: #Workshop#Zurich#Dancelight#july17til21#7.30pm... view »
  20 Jul 2017
  Russian Masters Ballet Camp: *MIDWAY OF THE SECOND WEEK: PROGRESSING AND OVERCOMING THE LIMITS * Where the conventionalism ends the genius begins. That is why our visionary teachers reach tops of excellence unknown to the majority. Our students seem to be different, having overcome intangible but iron boundaries, erroneous postulates and very different lacks. Our strict in... view »
  20 Jul 2017
  Russian Masters Ballet Camp: INTERMEZZO WILL SPONSOR GIFTS FOR OUR STUDENTS DURING THE INTENSIVE OF 2017 The best professi onals in the world of classical dance co ntinue supporting us. In this case, the Spanish dancewear co mpany Intermezzo has sponsored some surp rising gifts that wi ll be part of the sp ecial final prizes that Russian Masters will offer to their most de... view »
  19 Jul 2017
  Russian Masters Ballet Camp: Only 6 days till our students of RMBC-2017 will go on a dance stage at first time. As part of the program of the patron saints and Moors and Christians, on 25th of JULY at 10:00pm the best students of campus will offer a gala. We want to thank Novelda Dance Conservatory for hosting and for supporting our camp for 2nd year and for this opportuni... view »
  18 Jul 2017
  Russian Masters Ballet Camp: * OTHER SPONSORSHIP FOR OUR STUDENTS, THE COPPELIA SHOP WILL OFFER EXCLUSIVE GIFTS * We do not stop receiving support and help, this time the ballet shop Coppelia (Novelda), by the hand of its director Inma will offer 3 vouchers of 100 euros each one, for purchases. These prizes will be awarded along with the rest of great surprises and sch... view »
  18 Jul 2017
  Russian Masters Ballet Camp: * SUMMING UP THE FI RST WEEK: REESTABLIS HMENT OF THE BASES AND EXPONENTIAL GROWTH * Flying we are, despi te the endless hours of work during the first week that have spared no one. On Sunday we underst ood that we had given everything, everyo ne. In the classes there were so many mi stakes to correct, so many misplaced pos itions and basic iss ue... view »
Ian Poulis
  17 Jul 2017
  Ian Poulis: Here is the international group of ballet masters I am privileged to be a part of this Summer at Seiskaya Ballet's BESFI Summer Intensive this year. view »
  16 Jul 2017
  Russian Masters Ballet Camp: * FIRST PRIVATE AUDITION AT RUSSIAN MASTERS 2017: OVERWHELMING SUCCESS, 12 STUDENTS ARE SELECTED TO BE PART OF PRESTIGIOUS BERLIN STATE SCHOOL * The artistic director of the Staatliche Ballettschule Berlin, D. Marek Rozyski, recently arrived from Korea and renouncing numerous commitments, chose Russian Masters among all the intensives worldwide... view »
Dance Academy Alma Mater Europaea
  15 Jul 2017
  Dance Academy Alma Mater Europaea: Wach the latest Alma MAter Europaea Dance Academy Contemporary Dance show!... view »
Mounir Saeed
  15 Jul 2017
  Mounir Saeed: Lovely People, Please check my website and share please, it will be supportive. view »
Amy Voris
  14 Jul 2017
  Julie Havelund-Willett: Makers’ LAB * LAST FEW PLACES REMAINING * NEW for 2017 the Makers’ LAB at Clarence Mews will offer affordable development opportunities for artists making work within and across all performance making disciplines. This is a pilot series, which if successful we hope will be a regular element of the programme here. Sunday 16th July with Amy ... view »
  14 Jul 2017
  Russian Masters Ballet Camp: ON SUNDAY! We remind you that on 16th of JULY (SUNDAY), in San Juan Complejo we'll have conference "The ev olution of technique as a form of artist ic expression" by the hand of one of the best experts in the history of classical ballet in Spain, Dr. Ana Abad Carlés. Free entrance for students of the Russian Masters 2017 Tel. 609816395, for o... view »
  14 Jul 2017
  Russian Masters Ballet Camp: *THIRD DAY: OVERCOM ING THE LIMITS * Another day of restl ess work, when our aspirants are savoring the fruits of the unconditional dedica tion. This time ampl ifying physical and mental limits, we br eak psychological ba rriers to strengthen the professional sp ectrum. Only 100% de livery and a little more, can lift them up to where the ball et... view »
  12 Jul 2017
  Russian Masters Ballet Camp: *SECOND DAY: EVERYONE WANTS MORE* Despite the very hard effort that our yo ung titans are makin g, they continue with the glowing look, the fire that burns from the inside is not gone out. They want more and squeeze each atom of the time offered. No one can deny that the attitude of these young students is encouraging. The more they ask for, the... view »
Fall 2017 Registration
  12 Jul 2017
  County Dance Conservatory: Register for Fall 2017 on Monday, August 14, 2017 from 6:00-8:00pm at 204 Owensville Rd., West Rvevr, MD 20778. Fall classes start Monday, September 4, 2017. For further information call 410-353-8301, email, and visit us at view »
  12 Jul 2017
  Russian Masters Ballet Camp: * FIRST DAY: RUSSIAN KNOW HOW DELIGHTS AND SURPRISES. IT IS HARD TO FEEL THE DIF FERENCE. * Lots of emotions run ning high on the fir st day of this speci al journey. An explo sion of restrained expectations that have been surpassed by the know-how of our expert teachers. No one escapes their ey es, no one knows what will happen, this is pure magi... view »
Significato dei Sogni Interpretazione e Numeri | Libro dei Sogni
  10 Jul 2017
  Marisa: Hi everyone. Please check my website view »
Andres Angulo Castillo
  09 Jul 2017
  Andres Angulo Castillo: Looking for something to do in July. Contact me.... view »
Ian Poulis
  07 Jul 2017
  Ian Poulis: Visit my website at for more information on how to contact me as a teacher or choreographer for your school or company.... view »
  06 Jul 2017
  Clelia Averna: ...And every melody is timeless... view »
  05 Jul 2017
Space Clarence Mews Summer 2017
  03 Jul 2017
  Julie Havelund-Willett: One Week Residencies July 31st - September 10th Applications are now open for this year's One Week Residencies at Caroline Salem's Space Clarence Mews. Seven days of personal studio time combines with work-in-progress meetings. The week culminates in an evening studio presentation, with the option of post-residency mentoring session with Caroli... view »
  01 Jul 2017
  Russian Masters Ballet Camp: FREE PHYSIOTHERAPIST 3 TIMES A WEEK FOR ALL OUR STUDENTS When we seek to raise the soul in ballet we must take the body to the limit. For this and so that our true stars rise to the challenge of the hard work that awaits, we have the famous CLINICA TORREGOLF that will provide physiotherapists 3 times a week and at no cost to our students. Ru... view »