05 Mar 2017
  H+ | The Hip-Hop Dance Conservatory: A special behind the scenes look at the women of Theatre of the Mind® for Women's History Month! Enjoy!... view »
  03 Mar 2017
  H+ | The Hip-Hop Dance Conservatory: Apprentice Sabina Alvarez in dancer advocacy campaign Dreamer. Lover. Fighter. Dancer. {DANGEROUS} Enjoy! :-)... view »
PHYSICAL on stage
  23 Apr 2017
  Carlos Rodero: Our WORKSHOP... view »
Dentizione del bambino, quanto ne sai?
  20 Apr 2017
  sara: Dentizione del ban... view »
I denti da latte, nomi dei denti decidui
Margaret King
  18 Apr 2017
  Margaret King: COMPANY AUDITIONS Ballet Quad Cities, located in Rock Island IL, seeks male and female dancers with strong ballet technique and contemporary ability for a 28-week contract for the 2017/18 season. Now celebrating its 20th season, BQC offers dynamic, innovative new choreographic works, traditional theatrical classics, site-specific performances, li... view »
Giulia Fabrocile
  05 Apr 2017
  Sebastien Thill: WEEK_END GYROKINESIS for Dancers in Paris 22/23 Avril. infos www.thilltraining.com... view »
Interview with our head master Tatiana Kvasova - Sevostianova - Russian Masters Ballet Camp 2016
  14 Apr 2017
  Russian Masters Ballet Camp: The living legend of world classical ballet ,head of selection and principal tutor of the Eifman Ballet for more than 25 years, our heading master Mrs.Tatiana Sevostianova (Kvasova) is giving an interview at RMBC-2016. She is speaking about Vaganiva method and about teaching process in our camp and students' progress. https://www.youtube.com/wat... view »
  13 Apr 2017
  jiri jelinek: This July 2017 in Prague. Apply Now : www.pragueballetintensive.com... view »
  13 Apr 2017
  jiri jelinek: This Summer in Prague, Czech Republic - www.pragueballetintensive.com Apply Now.... view »
Drew Forsyth
  12 Apr 2017
  Drew Forsyth: Check out drewforsyth.com/dance for my full portfolio! :)... view »
  10 Apr 2017
  Moravian Theatre Olomouc: The premiere of the ballet Othello ended in a great success! Thanks to all spectators!... view »
DNA reel 2016
Fuck'it workshop tour - Berlin
Fuck'it - improvisation workshop
Gavin Roebuck
| redesigndance |
  04 Apr 2017
  Russian Masters Ballet Camp: THE NEXT GREAT TEACHER CONFIRMED FOR THE RUSSIAN MASTERS BALLET CAMP 2017 - DMITRY SHEVTCOV The real master of emotional characters and very considerate teacher, graduated teacher in Vaganova Academy, student of direct disciples of Alexander Pushkin, an actual teacher in Eifman Ballet School will work with RMBC-2017 for 3rd year. At this Camp he... view »
Ricardo Campos Freire
Dotra Productions
  31 Mar 2017
  Marit Shirin Rasol Fogelgren: I have a new Facebook webpage where you can find all my work and contact details; https://www.facebook.com/marit.dotraproductions/ Looking forward to hear from you!... view »
Attila Egerházi: Zero Gravity
  30 Mar 2017
  Russian Masters Ballet Camp: Hearttouching words from mother of our studnet Julie Pestova, Prague. Julie studied at 1st grade group in semi-professinal course with teacher Alina Solonskaya. Dear Ms. Lukmanova, My daughter Julie Pestova just finished the ballet course in your summer school. Unfortunately we did not have a possibility to meet you the last day, so at le... view »
Yui Kyotani
  29 Mar 2017
  Moravian Theatre Olomouc: Czech acting prizes for 2016 handed out Czech acting prizes were handed out during the annual Thalie awards on Saturday night. Actress Alena Vránová was given a lifetime award for her contribution to theatre. The 2016 awards were given to Hana Tomáš Briešt’anka for the role in Petrol Lamps at Brno’s National Theatre and Milan Kňažko in Shylock a... view »
Interview with Tatiana Cherkashina - teacher from Vaganova Academy / Russian Masters Ballet Camp
  28 Mar 2017
  Russian Masters Ballet Camp: ***INTERVIEW WITH ONE MORE CONFIRMED TEACHER FROM VAGANOVA ACADEMY – TATIANA CHERKASHINA*** Tatiana will work with RMBC for the 2nd year. So she is speaking in her interview not only about Vaganova method, but about her experience of teaching at our Camp, too. Tatiana Cherkashina is actually one of ballet tutors of the Academy, in 2008 she go... view »
10 Years FUSION Dance Theater! de KISS moves
  26 Mar 2017
  CESA - Central European School of Arts: BOOST your CAREER & (technical, performance, auditioning & entrepreneurial) SKILLS! Amazing 20% DISCOUNT EARLY Birds 1st of April! Get your International FUSION Dance Theater CERTIFICATE this Summer! 10-30 July Budapest! APPLY for 1 -2 OR 3 weeks! INFO: www.dekissmoves.com | www.cesaweb.eu with de KISS moves & Guests & CESA APPLY! Send CV, short le... view »