05 Mar 2017
  H+ | The Hip-Hop Dance Conservatory: A special behind the scenes look at the women of Theatre of the Mind® for Women's History Month! Enjoy!... view »
  03 Mar 2017
  H+ | The Hip-Hop Dance Conservatory: Apprentice Sabina Alvarez in dancer advocacy campaign Dreamer. Lover. Fighter. Dancer. {DANGEROUS} Enjoy! :-)... view »
Cassandra Estelle: NYC based Aerialist
  22 Nov 2017
  Cassandra Estelle: Cassandra's Teaser Reel... view »
Comic Opera Ballet Company (@OCCBallet) | Twitter
  18 Nov 2017
  Russian Masters Ballet Camp: ***ONCE MORE RUSSIAN MASTERS MARKS A TURNING POINT IN THE CAREER OF ITS STUDENTS. AYLIN ÖNDER IS ALREADY PART OF VAGANOVA, THE WORLD REFERENCE IN BALLET AND THE CRADLE OF THIS ART*** Aylin Önder came from Turkey to participate in our course last July. After passing through our auditions, she was selected to enter the State School of Berlin. The ... view »
Alice in Wunderland
  14 Nov 2017
  Ruben Reniers: Premiere "Alice in Wunderland" at Residenztheater in Munich https://www.residenztheater.de/inszenierung/alice-im-wunderland... view »
  14 Nov 2017
  Serendipity: Developing your Choreographic Voice 3 Thursday 1 & Friday 2 March 2018 – workshops led by Cameron McKinney, Campus Centre Dance Studio 2.13/2.14, De Montfort University, Leicester For further information and booking www.serendipity-uk.com/creative-education/ Serendipity, the company that produce the yearly Let’s Dance International Frontiers... view »
 Tatiana Sevostianova
  13 Nov 2017
  Russian Masters Ballet Camp: * REGISTRATION CONTINUES FOR THE EXCLUSIVE WINTER INTENSIVE. 2-6 JANUARY, 2018. SPACE LIMITED. * Unique format that allows the privilege of working individually with the best Vaganova teaching specialists. Course focused on an intensive training with a special accent on the reinforcement of the technique, as well as the preparation for competition... view »
Gonzalo Preciado Azanza
  10 Nov 2017
  Gonzalo Preciado Azanza: Here are all my Performances & Events confirmed for November: - 10 November - Julio Arozarena´s Don Juan, Latvian National Opera (Riga, Latvia) World Premiere - 11 November - Julio Arozarena´s Don Juan, Latvian National Opera (Riga, Latvia) - 15 November - Leo Mujic´s Romeo and Juliet, Latvian National Opera (Riga, Latvia) - 17 November - La B... view »
  08 Nov 2017
  Russian Masters Ballet Camp: *TEACHER CONFIRMED FOR RMBC WINTER COURSE. ELENA KUKSEVA WILL TEACH CHARACTER DANCE IN THE INTENSIVE OF JANUARY 2-6. ALICANTE.* Elena Kukseva is a highly respected ballet mistress who holds a teaching certificate from the prestigious Vaganova Ballet Academy, in St. Petersburg, Russia. Mrs. Kukseva received her early professional ballet train... view »
  08 Nov 2017
  Breaking8: Call for entries- deadline 25/11/2017 international festival of video dance breaking8vd@gmail.com... view »
  07 Nov 2017
  Ian Poulis: The students of the Anderson University Dance Department performing my piece “Taking the Straight and Narrow Back Home” during chapel. It will be performed again this weekend at the President’s Donor Dinner. Congratulations to the students and faculty!... view »
It Starts With a Conversation
  07 Nov 2017
  Marjukka Savolainen: Such a great seminar ’It Starts With a Conversation’ by Ása Richardsdóttir. Thank you so much for coming @asarichardsdottir #regram @dancefinland #contemporarydance #seminar #managers #international #dancefinland #tanssi #suomitanssii... view »
DanceAbroad Argentina
  07 Nov 2017
  DanceAbroad Argentina: Only a few days left to apply for the 2018 spring semester in Buenos Aires!... view »
Campus News and Press Releases - Dean College
  06 Nov 2017
  DanceAbroad Argentina: Dean College collaborates with DanceAbroad as exclusive collegiate partner!... view »
GLOBAL DANCE LINK SERIES", HIGHLIGHT of 9th Xposition 'O' Contemporary Dance Fiesta
  03 Nov 2017
  Marjukka Savolainen: Simona Cieri’s (MOTUS Dance Company) Masterclass about to begin. #contemporarydance #masterclass #odysseydancetheatresg... view »
  26 Oct 2017
  Sebastien Thill: Workshop Gyrokinesis/Ballet - Tel Aviv - Friday November 10th 2017 11h-13h Experiencing the benefits of Gyrokinesis within a classic barre lesson, while learning how to embed the method into your dance.... view »
  24 Oct 2017
  Russian Masters Ballet Camp: We would like to share with you another testimony. This is Marta Gil, the mother of Carlota Izquierdo, our usual and always welcome student: “First, let everyone, and especially the director Asia Lukmanova, extend our deep appreciation to these three weeks of learning, motivation and experience for my daughter. Each summer in the RMBC she rec... view »
DERVIS I SMRT Death and the Dervish
”Global Dance Link Series", A Highlight Of 9th Xposition 'O' Contemporary Dance Fiesta
  22 Oct 2017
  Marjukka Savolainen: We’re very excited to perform at ”Global Dance Link Series", A Highlight Of 9th Xposition 'O' Contemporary Dance Fiesta in Singapore on the 3rd and 4th Nov. Get your tickets here: https://www.aliwalartscentre.sg/events/global-dance-link-series-highlight-... view »
  21 Oct 2017
  Constantin Enache: TOACA Coregrafie și concept : Constantin ENACHE (RO) Interpret : Ángel Martínez SÁNCHEZ (SP) Muzica : percuție toacă Durata : 5 min. © All Right reserved to Constantin ENACHE & Teatrul de Balet Sibiu , 2017... view »
Waru I.
  18 Oct 2017
  Tamás Tuza: Klub Waru I.... view »
AJ Garcia-Rameau
  12 Oct 2017
  AJ Garcia-Rameau: New website! www.ajdances.com... view »
Ephemeral Rooms
  11 Oct 2017
  Ruben Reniers: Honoured and Delighted that our ‘Ephemeral Rooms’ DANCEMOVIE will be screened at the “25th QUINZENA DE DANÇA DE ALMADA INTERNATIONAL DANCE FESTIVAL on 2. & 12. October 2017” https://quinzenadedancadealmada.cdanca-almada.pt/videodance25th/ https://vimeo.com/237623439... view »
Elena Dimitrova
  08 Oct 2017
  Elena Dimitrova: This is me, performing on the stage of the Summer Theater in Varna :) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GcKFW33wqbw... view »
Marjukka Savolainen
  05 Oct 2017
  Marjukka Savolainen: Thank you Sonja Jokiniemi for the great workshop 'Behind the Scenes: Objects, Language and the Body (Part 2)'!... view »
  04 Oct 2017
  Russian Masters Ballet Camp: The world brand of ballet clothes SODANCA presented beautiful bags for clothes from new collection to our students at the end of course. We're greatful for this collaboration. https://sodanca.com/#/Home https://www.facebook.com/sodanca.europe/ https://www.instagram.com/sodanca_europe/ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJHMATafCzrVXgkc8Qfu... view »
Philemon Mukarno
  25 Sep 2017
  Russian Masters Ballet Camp: ***EXCLUSIVE GIFTS FROM THE COPPELIA SHOP FOR OUR STUDENTS*** The ballet shop Coppelia (Novelda), by the hand of its director Inma, offered 3 vouchers of 100 euros each one, for purchases to our students at the end of our course. We're thankful for sponsorship and these wonderful surprises for our best students. http://coppeliaalicante.es/ ... view »