Importance of motivation for dancers.

By: Jozef Varga

Importance of motivation for dancers.

Previously I wrote about preparing for a performance now I would like to tackle a more important theme. Motivation!

Dancers (Artists) are a different, far more sensitive to anything and everything.
Much more attentive to little things and how they make us feel. We can be easily destabilized by situations  in life and work in the same time uplifted, encouraged.

I think motivation is the key factor in our lives like food for the soul.

I have seen many great talents disappearing in to unknown and maybe less talented dancers reaching for greatness. You come out of school hungry to get on stage  full of dreams, than you might spend years doing not much. It’s really hard sometimes to keep motivated when you have nothing to work for.
Similar situation can happen after changing a company you can dance a lot and suddenly nothing.

It’s really hard to deal with it! You start questioning yourself doubting. Maybe work less hard cause ‘Why am I breaking myself ?‘etc. In schools mostly you have your teachers behind you all the time but in a company life it’s very different. You can only really rely on yourself. You are the one making a difference.

Life thought me that you have to grow an elephant skin and keep working hard. Dance class is your ritual.
You have to except that it’s not all in your hands once in a company. Your director, choreographer and staff decides! We are artists and in art there is no such thing as objective decision.
That’s why every impression counts. You most probably will get your chance and than it’s on you to be ready. There might not be a second chance.

For some people it’s better to be in a smaller company for some bigger companies are better suited.
There is not exact formula for success. It’s all circumstances right place right time.
In some companies height matters more sometimes there are just many dancers waiting for their chance in front of you. Just cause you are not dancing much doesn’t make you a bad dancer  you might be appreciated more elsewhere.

There are many times when you have to ask yourself. Is this what I want? Is this the right place for me?
Making those decisions is hard but knowing that you want to audition will give you a boost of motivation. Same as a performance in perspective, working with a good teacher, preparing for a competition, or sometimes watching a good performance.

Motivation. We all need it. It’s up to you to look for it and find out what motivates you.

Tell us what is your motivation!!!!!
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Alexander Loxton
Alexander Loxton: Great article, there is a lot of information out there on technical details for dancers, but motivation is often something that is overlooked. Well done for addressing it.
Reply • 16 Jun 2010, 23:46